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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Log file analysis tools Vs Page Tagging Softwares for Measuring and Improving Success Metrics

The internet has changed the speed at which marketing was travelling. Prospects are interacting with your website every minute and innovative marketing programs are launched every day.

The measurement of success is the key metrics for all the marketing programs launched. How do your prospects behave in your website? What action do they take? Are they proceeding to purchase your services or products? Why your prospects are abandoning the purchase of products or services?

Unless you analyze and measure the interactivity of your website prospects you cannot eliminate the hurdles encountered by your prospects. It could be a small hurdle in the path way of your prospects, you may not be able to understand it with your naked eye. For this you require proficient web analytics tools which can give you proper insights of your prospects behaviour.

There are two types of web analytics tools available in the market. They are

1) Log file analysis tools.
2) Page tagging software.

1) Log file analysis tools:

As the name suggests log file analysis tools process the log files from the web server into their engine. Once the log files are processed into log file analysis tool, they generate web analytics reports. Log file analysis softwares can be easily customized.

Few examples of log files analysis tools are Web Trends, Omniture Site Catalyst, ClickTracks etc.

2) Page tagging software:

Page tagging softwares are completing different from the way log file analysis works. Page tagging softwares requires tagging of each web page in a website with a snippet of code. The snippet of code can be placed either in the head section or just above the closing body tags.

Examples of Page tagging softwares are Google analytics, SiteStats etc.

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