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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to Change Google Analytics Time Zone?

I wrote an email to asking for guidelines to change google analytics time zone. Following is the draft of my email.

Hello Support Team

Can I change my google analytics time zone? I have already linked adwords account to analytics account.

For some specific reasons I like to get the time zone changed to
Bradford, United Kingdom from (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time.

Please provide me with the necessary guidelines to change the time zone.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Check the reply from google below.

Hello KamalChandran,

Thank you for your email.

If your Analytics account is not linked to an AdWords account, you'll be able to set your time zone preference from the Main Website Profile Information section of your Profile Settings page. By default, all accounts are set to use Pacific Time in North America.

If your Analytics account is linked to a Google AdWords account, your time zone will be automatically set to your AdWords preference and you will not see the time zone feature in your Analytics account. This ensures accurate reporting on your AdWords campaigns.

It's important to note that changing your time zone will only affect data going forward, and will not be applied retroactively. You may notice a flat spot or a spike in your report data around the time that you updated your time setting . This is caused by a time shift forwards or backwards,
respectively. In addition, your report data may refer to the old time zone for a short period after you update your settings, until our servers have processed the change.

For additional questions, please visit the Analytics Help Center at

You can also find helpful tips and information by visiting the Google Analytics Help
Forum at

Analytics Support

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tracking Subdomains from the Main Domain Profile

All subdomains belonging to a domain can be tracked in one profile.

You can get the statistics of all of your subdomains reported in one single profile. Isn't that wonderful, I couldn't resist praising google for this excellent feature.

Only with a single line addition to your google analytics code you would be able to track the analytics. Just include your main domain name, for eg:- if is you main domain and if would like to track the subdomains viz.,,, etc. include pageTracker._setDomainName("");code to all of the subdomains analytics code.

You are not done now completely. Since google analytics renders information of webpages with a forward slash; for example it will report home page url as /index.html. To track the urls of the all the subdomains in a distinguished way follow the below given steps.

Create an Advanced filter for your profile with the following settings:

Filter Type: Custom filter > Advanced
Field A: Hostname
Extract A: (.*)
Field B: Request URI
Extract B: (.*)
Output To: Request URI
Constructor: /$A1$B1

With the above filter changes, you would be able to view the subdomains as furnished below.

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Outbound Link Tracking Code Google Analytics

Google analytics can track links that that point to another domain or sub domain. By tagging the out going link the clicks for the link can be tracked easily. Javascript code takes the responsibiliy of tracking the link by assigning a pageview for every click.

Refer to the following example.

To track the click on following link to create an arbitrary url like this /outgoing/advertisingaxis_com. The following piece of javascript code is enough.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking Code

Google analytics has got accurate e commerce tracking code for tracking website conversions..

The e commerce tracking code can track the dynamic products sold in the website. For example if a website sells 10 different products priced distinctly, it can give out sales details of each product thereby distinguishing one product sale from another.

The notable things while implementing the ecommerce tracking code..... is to realize where your check out pages are......whether the check out happens in main site or in an sub-domain or an entirely different domain. Once a clear understanding is attained get the appropriate ecommerce tracking code.

Google Analytics Wonder Tool and It's Potential

The mind-blowing google analytics tool improves the performance of webpages.

The crystal clear interface is the power of google analytics tool. Signing up for google analytics tool is very easy, just a few steps.... After logging in create a profile for your website and copy the tracking code, better to go for the ga.js tracking code than the old urchin code. Ga.js code has many custom options and works well with both 'http' and 'https.' The old urchin code will be functional only for 6 months and it would not receiving further updates.

Take the ga.js code and place it in all of your is always better to have the code in the "head" section for perfect tracking.

Best Free Web Analytics Tool Google Analytics

The best free web analytics tool is Google Analytics.

Google analytics gives significant insights of 'how a website performs.' It has got a cool interface with excellent presentation of website metrics. Does anything comes free in this world which can deliver quality output, nah right? But google is exceptional in providing a free and powerful web analytics tool.

Sign up for tracking your visitor behaviour and to improve your web conversions, access the following link