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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Comparison of Google Analytics & Web Trends

How WebTrends is different from Google analytics

Google Analytics

WebTrends Analytics 8
WebTrends Analytics 8

On Demand

Ease of Use

Dashboard Summaries
Comparative Reporting
Drill Across Reporting
Product Resource Center
Ad Words Integration

Browser Overlay (static pages only)
Browser Overlay (dynamic pages)

Report Bookmarks
Quick Query

Reporting Power

1st Party Cookie support

Visual Scenario Analysis

Search Engine Marketing Analysis
Search Rank Reporting
Basic Commerce Reporting
Basic Campaign Reporting
Geographic Segmentation
  • (Akamai Database)
  • (Akamai Database)
Content Groups
Real-time Analysis

Enterprise Class

Reporting Templates
Customizable Dashboards
Full Merchandising Drilldown
Full Campaign Drilldown
Visual Path Analysis
Ad Hoc Query and Reporting
WebTrends Smart Reports

Google Analytics

WebTrends Analytics 8

WebTrends Analytics 8
Custom Reports

Custom Drilldown Reports

Custom Segmentation

Dynamic Segmentation

1st Party Cross Domain Tracking

Customer Support

Technical Support
Implementation Services
Strategic Business Services
Account Management

Online Training Programs
Online Resource Center

No of websites Limited
No of user login Limited
Report storage – duration Limited
Log files storage Limited
No of Templates Limited
No of Client visit Limited
Page views Limited
As per the purchase
As per the purchase

1. Google is targeting small and medium business.
2. The product is hard-coded one size fit all tool.
3. Customer support is through e-mail only with an SLA of 1 week, where WebTrends is 24X7 support with 1 hour of SLA. And database available in webtrends itself is a solution for most of the problems.
4. The service is free to Google Adwords customers. The non-Adwords customer are limited to 5 million page views per month
5. A license allows customer to create up to 50 profiles. The report will be surface level. In WebTrends you can create unlimited user and unlimited profiles.
6. As part of the license agreement a customer agrees to be used as a marketing reference in google’s material – No question asked.
7. No customizable reports- In webtrends we can tailor the report according to the user and department as decision making is streamlined.
8. This is not possible with google- campaign reporting to depth, Content group, Full path analysis, Unique visitor tracking for campaigns.
9. WebTrends has real time analysis.
10. Can create our own template, Customizable dashboards, Smart view reports, Full campaign drill down.
11. Apart from this we track user by 1st party cookies.( First party cookie is the small amount of information stored in users browser when a person request for a page first time. When next time he visits the page, with that that cookie ID he will be identified as repeated visitor). Also we have 4 other options to track visitor according to your requirement.
12. Your data is not safe as Google have access to your Data.
13. You can not have your reports for long period for comparison of the report ( Ex: report of 2008 March and 2006 March). This kind of report is essential for growth metrics. Date comparison you will find on spot in webtrends where in google you have to pick and see.
Read the head to head comparison here Google Analytics vs WebTrends.
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