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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mobile Web Analytics Bango

For the first time you can get real time, accurate information about key metrics such as the number of unique visitors to you and an independent comparison of the success/conversion rates for all your mobile marketing campaigns.

There are two implementations:

1.Campaign tracking which enables you to get a independent measurement of
all your mobile marketing and advertising campaigns and their success.

2. PAGE TRACKING which enables you to track what users are doing on your
mobile sites, who your visitors are and where they are coming (similar
to Google Analytics but for mobile).

Bango Analytics gives you answers to the following questions:

· How many unique visitors had you had (rather than just visits)?

· Which country and operator are your visitors from?

· How many times have they visited your mobile site?

· What content do they like?

· Which search engine or advertisement have they come from?/Best ROI

· How much money have they spent?

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