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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Google Adsense Optimization Guide

Linking your Adsense account to Google analytics account is the best way to improve the performance of your Adsense ads. Below are the benefits of linking Adsense account with analytics account.

1) Find out the traffic sources of visitors who click on your Adsense ads and optimize your content. Similarly identify the geo location of your visitors and the webpages and carry out the optimization activities.

2) Gift your website visitors a wonderful user experience by improving the web pages where visitors spend very less time. Google analytics may look like a very simple and less powerful tool for those who judge the tool before signing up to use the tool. Once people signs up and starts using the tool their entire negative perception towards the tool vanishes away in seconds and here is where admiration starts booming eternally.

3) Discover the kinds of ads that have more possibility of getting clicked and optimize your web pages for those kind of ads.

Now you would be willing to know how to get your Adsense account integrated with your google analytics account.

Here are the simple steps to do that.

1) Open your Adsense account.
2) Look out for google analytics invitation link for integration on the "overview" and "advance reports" page.
3) If you do not see an invitation link; well you could receive the invitation link in the near future.
4) For those who can see the invitation link, please click on the link.
5) Subsequently you will asked to create a new analytics account or link to an exisitng account.
6) Choose the appropriate one and proceed forward. Thats all now you have your Adsense account integrated with Google analytics account.
7) Rush to your Google analytics account to perform the optimization effort.

Please note that your Adsense login should be the administrator in your analytics account.

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