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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Enterprise Web Analytics Tool Google Analytics vs Ominiture Site Catalyst | WebTrends | ClickTracks

Google Analytics is a free enterprise class web analytics tool. Every page in the website has to be tagged with the javascript code to track and improve the performance of websites.


Excellent tool to track and report on all visitor interactions.
 - Know what your visitors are doing and understand their behaviour
 - Gather knowledge on improving your website interms of design, navigation, content, relevancy etc.
 - Track the performance of your marketing campaigns
 - Track PPC campaigns (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter, Miva etc.)
 - Track conversions to find ways for improvement
 - Increase ROI with the great insights provided by the tool


- Crystal clear geographic reports
- Tracking internal site search
- Automatic Adwords integration by turning on 'Auto Taggin' in Google Adwords account
- Paid and free keywords performance
- Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns.
- Integration with Adsense
- Track up to 20 goals in a single profile
- Ecommerce reporting
- Tracking Mobile visitors
- Tracking performance of videos (Event Tracking)
- Flash tracking
- Tracking Social network applications
- Custom dashboards report
- Advanced segmentation
- Custom report
- Intelligence alerts
- Multi-dimensional analysis
- Funnel visualization
- Click stream analytics via navigational summary
- Entrance path analysis
- Referral sources report
- Tracking clicks on buttons,links,banners,images,videos,flash etc.
- Tracking form pages
- Hourly campaign performance
- Hourly keyword performance
- Track multiple sub-domains in a single profile
- Track multiple domains in a single profile
- Track multiple domains and sub-domains in a single profile
- Identify the best performing pages
- Identify poorly performing pages
- Click heat mapping via Site overlay
- Email campaign tracking
- Banner campaign tracking
- Compare your websites performance with other websites in the Internet
- Integration of Google Website optimizer to carry out A/B testing and Multi-variate testing

Security of your data:

Google stores all your data in their server. The data would never be disclosed / shared with anyone, Google assures this! Since World-class tool is offered for free why to pay big bucks to subsribe for Omniture site catalyst / Web Trends / ClickTracks which do not have more features than the mighty Free Google Analytics.

But please note that none of the web analytics tools are error free.

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