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Friday, October 19, 2012

GA Report Automation using API Powered Scripts - It's Easy

I came across a highly useful GA script for automating reporting needs of the clients in a quick span of time. It works using GA API key which is available for every one free of cost, and there is indeed a quota restrictions of 50,000 requests/day. For requests exceeding 50,000 there is a payment associated with every additional request. Nevertheless, the 50,000 requests is on the higher side for our needs, and we may not get exhausted with the permissible limit.
I personally tried this and it works incredibly. The good thing is even the dimensions and metrics which are not available in GA account profiles can be pulled using API without any additional customization (but not A to Z which requires code customization). Once we authorize the GA account any profile can be selected from Google docs where the script would be installed, and the need for logging into GA account can be reduced since we can query and get everything from Google docs itself. The needed data can be populated in any named sheet within docs in a short time, and powerful dashboards can be built.
Hope this information is of some help to all GA project needs.
Here is the blog post which talks about the “magic script” and its implementation for report automation using Google Docs.
GA API console for getting the API key


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