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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Track Phone Calls and Live Chat Using Google Analytics

Transperancy of Google Analytics makes it the number one free & best web analytics tool; the market has ever witnessed. Due to the immense popularity of GA more and more companies have made up mind to integrate their products with GA.

Mongoose metrics and LivePerson have integrated their products with GA.

To track conversions occurring on the website we look for the completed online forms,orders placed pages etc. But how do you track the conversions that happens offline. For example a customer pick up the phone and dials your company for seeking information or for placing an order. Now wipe off your worries and give an astonishing look at Mongoose metrics.

Mangoose metrics sells low cost toll numbers and gives you insights on the full numbers of dialled calls to your company in your Google analytics profiles. Each call is reported in GA as a visit!!!!!

LivePerson is a customer support live chat tool. It reveals the intentions of visitors chatting with the customer support persons. Below are the metrics that would be reported in your GA profile.

1) Conversion rate.
2) Geographic region of the LIVE chat.

3) Sources and keywords report.

4) Reverse Goal Path Report- Navigation path of visitors

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