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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Website Traffic Analysis Guide for Emarketers

Every EMarketer should understand the significance of website analytics.

Web Analytics is a majic wand to the Emarketers to analyse the website users behaviour. EMarketers should be aware of the e-metrics through which they can analyse webpages for enhancing their performance.

Collection of E-metrics data is done in two ways, Log file analysis and Page tagging.

Log file analyser softwares faciliates analysis of log files and presents in a meaningful ways. These tools can be customized to provide data in the manner we would like to see.

Page tagging is the collection of data using javascript in each page. The third-party server would be carrying all the traffic statistics gathered through page tagging.

There are umpteen web analytics software available in the market. It is a mixture of paid and free web analytics tool.Before Here is a list of free and paid tools.

Free Web Analytics Tools:
Google Analytics
Microsoft adCenter Analytics
Site Meter
Stat Counter
Webalizer -Log file analysis program
Analog -Log file analyser
Awstats - Log file analyser

Paid Web Analytics Tools:
VisualSciences / WebSideStory
Weblog Expert

I have portrayed some simple steps below to understand the working of internet and how data is recorded in the web logs.

User logs in into the internet. The ISP provides him an IP number.

Step 2:
User types a URL in the browser.

Step 3:
ISP proxy server receives a request.

Step 4:
Request is sent to host server as packets.

Step 5:
The webpage's hostserver receives the request.

Step 6:
Immediatley the host server sends the requested file to the IP address of the user. The user views the webpage.

Step 7:
The requested files willl be recorded in the log files of the host web server.

Step 8:
The log file analyser software processes the details of the log files into its engine and renders the traffic information in a fabulous way. If webpage is tagged, the javascript code in the requested webpage will deliver the information to a third-party server, the login provided by the vendor will supply the traffic details.

Following are the EMetrics involved in increasing the website sales:

1)Value per visitor
2)Average Order size
3)Items per sale
4)Conversion rate is calculated by dividing sales by visitors
5)Sales trends viz time, day etc.
6)Exit point
7) Entrance point

After sales service EMetrics:

1)Visits to FAQ page
2)Visit to intruction manuals
3)Newsletters opt-ins

Sales Lead Generation EMetrics:

1) Email contact conversion rate
2)Filling up online forms
3) Visiting Product information pages
4)Average time
5)EMail opt-ins
6)Newsletter sign-ups

Hope the information provided is little helpful to undertand web analytics.

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