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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free Web Analytics Tools for Website Business Analysis

List listed below are free web analytics tools.

Google Analytics - A robust and flexible web analytics tool offered by the great GOOGLE. I am using google analytics analytics for my company and I am very happy with the insights this majestic tool provides me.

Microsoft adCenter Analytics - Free for those who sign up for MSN Adcentre.

Piwik - A free webanalytics tool offered as opensource.

Site Meter - Free tool but you have pay them for utilising their advanced features.

Stat Counter - Free but you have to shell you money for having a hand on the advanced features.

Webalizer - This is a log file analysis tool.

Analog -Log file analysis tool

Awstats - Log file analysis tool

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  1. Yeah web analytics tools uses two methods for tracking their visitors.Other than log files web analytics tools uses page tagging method.It involves placing a piece of Javascript code on each page. When a page is viewed on someones browser the inserted tracking code sends data to another server to analyse the collected data.I prefer page tagging because page tagging, a visitor is counted every time the tracking code is loaded, therefore traffic should be more accurate.Free online user counter tools are available in order to help you track the activities of customers instantly without any hassle.